Leading M&A Advisory Firm

Our Vision

TUSK is the leading dental middle market M&A advisory firm providing best-in-class services and flawless execution for clients worldwide.
Advising Industry Leaders on growth opportunities, capital sourcing and exit strategies are what we do best.

We combine historical experience with a progressive vision for our evolving industry in order to create the greatest value for our clients.

This Is What We Stand For

Customer Obsession

Being equally proactive and responsive; driving greater value for buyers & sellers through better alignment; creating and enhancing value for all stakeholders; recognizing and appreciating that every client and transaction is unique.

Whether you are a new dentist exploring purchasing your first practice or an established DSO working to meet this year’s acquisition projections, TUSK will provide you a uniquely crafted solution to meet your needs.

Driven by Transparency

Educate our clients about the market and opportunities; creating transparency that decreases transactional friction, fees and frustration while increasing awareness, options and knowledge.

Our ultimate goal is to create a more efficient marketplace where buyers and sellers have access to the most current and comprehensive information that facilitates making better informed decisions.

360 Degrees of Trust

With our clients; with our referral partners; with our service providers; and within our organization.

By communicating frequently and truthfully regardless of the consequences; by considering the impact to all stakeholders continuously; and by being vocally self-critical even when doing so can be difficult.

Value Creation over Short-Term Gain

Leveraging our lives’ work to maximize the value of your life’s work.

Take the long view regarding operational and financial strategy by continually reinvesting in our people, technology and customer experience; recognize that short-term revenues pay bills, but excellent client relationships and experiences build successful companies.

Continuous Improvement

Honesty, integrity & hard work is only a starting point.

Rigorous self-analysis and personal development is a primary individual commitment; if it moves, we measure it and adjust accordingly; a focus on simplicity over complexity.

Our business is adaptive, agile, and continually evolving to deliver a better, faster, more comprehensive solution for our clients.

An Exceptional Team

Recognize, hire and train exceptional talent, and reward achievement; recruit individuals with diverse perspectives who can learn, evolve and are always curious; have a bias for action by taking calculated risks, staying connected to details and delivering results.

We believe that successful companies in the 21st Century remain successful by changing faster internally than the external market demands, and that the catalyst for constant evolution is driven by people of diverse backgrounds and experiences challenging the status quo with what could be possible.

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