Funding Your DSO

2nd Stage Financing

Access to Growth Capital.  Volume Funding Commitment.
Reliably Execute Your Growth Strategy.

Hitting the Debt Funding Wall

You’re in “high growth mode” with acquisition targets lined up and now your trusted banker who’s been with you since the start can no longer lend you money?!

Are you stuck at 4 or 5 practices?
Should you have seen this coming?

This happens frequently. It’s predictable and there’s a legitimate reason for it. Thankfully, we can often create a solution.

Discover Your Options

We have resources in the Lower Middle Markets that have debt instruments with more flexibility than traditional sources and can make lending commitments in the $5 to $15 million range.

Many of these come with a higher rate and different terms, but they’re better positioned to help facilitate your growth.

Don’t get trapped by an inflexible debt structure. Let TUSK unlock new sources of growth capital, so you can focus on what you do best: build your business.

“There’s no other company in the emerging market space providing the leadership these guys are and I can’t imagine trying to scale our business without them.”

Alison Morrison, CFO Morrison Dental Group

Get Results

Find a lending partner that is in sync with your goals and your timetable.