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We’re passionate about Empowering Entrepreneurs to choose their own destiny by Educating Group Dental Practices how to Maximize Shareholder Value.

We work with Emerging U.S. Group Dental Practices of 2-to-25 Locations that are Doctor-Founded and Debt-Funded with over $1,000,000 in Collections.


  • We provide the Math Behind the Why
  • By communicating the Direct and Brutally Honest Facts
  • As your Guiding Partner who listens to what you want, then educates you to make the best decisions in order to realize your desired outcomes

We provide industry-leading resources to help you START, GROW and SELL your Group Dental Practice or DSO.


Motivated; proactive; striving; accountable for results; desire to be led, but not managed; raise your hand to take the opportunity and raise your hand to take responsibility.


Insightful; creating greater outcomes; growing a bigger pie; never satisfied with the status quo; a mindset that comes from abundance; always raising the bar.

Always Willing To Help

Be part of something bigger than yourself; we all own failure; celebrate others; there are no little wins; be a team player; the answer is yes – how can I help?

Energy + Edge

Always ON; a catalyst to start and a spark to finish strong; collaborative energy is contagious, and edge creates extraordinary results; NOW.


A life-long learner who looks to share their knowledge; continuously educating; build a tribe and create a movement; self-confident and self-aware.


Find, borrow or build a better way; continuous improvement; easier, simpler and faster, but with predictable results; communicate with clarity; let’s figure it out.

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