Growing Your DSO

Blueprints for Scale Strategic Consulting Program

Define Your Outcome. Develop Your Growth Strategy.

The best businesses don’t rely on trial and error or experimentation to grow,
which is why we refer to our Blueprints program as STRATEGIC Consulting

TUSK Blueprints for Scale

While we know that every situation and every business is unique, the following steps have proven to be successful for all of our Strategic Consulting clients.



- Site Visit (Client Location)
- Business Plan Review

Strategy & Design

- Strategic Meeting (TUSK Offices)
- Growth Model - Acquire Existing Practice of New Location Cold Start


- Strategic Playbook (built by TUSK)
- Recommend Strategies for Growth


- Site Visit (Client Location /Quarterly)
- Review Strategic Playbook

Implement & Execute

- Monthly Standing Review Calls (60 minutes)
- Execute on Strategic Playbook

We will be your guide through the most difficult period for
any emerging DSO – the journey from 5 to 10 locations.

If you can make it to 10 locations, chances are good you can make it to 20, 30 or more.

“I would highly recommend TUSK for any entrepreneurial dental group looking to grow with integrity and purpose.”

Kent McBride, DDS, MS

Scale Your DSO Now

Define Your Outcome. Develop Your Growth Strategy. Execute.