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Capital is the lifeblood of every new and early-stage business venture, but it is hardly ever a limitless resource.

As your business evolves, so should your sources of funding. Unfortunately this is rarely a consideration of most emerging DSOs. They frequently end up experiencing growth constraints due to a lending crisis.

TUSK Partners works with providers of funding at all sizes – from Traditional Bank Debt to Mezzanine Lenders to Private Equity Investors – to source the right solution for you.


As you scale, having multiple lending partners with varying rates, terms and prepayment penalties creates a quagmire that can quickly bog down your ability to expand.

Our years of banking experience allow us to understand fully how lenders view you as a credit risk, so we are frequently able to help our clients clean up their debt obligations in order to create a more nimble capital structure.

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Growth Capital

You will ultimately reach a point where you are confident in your model and have built a track record of repeatable, predictable results.

It is natural to want to “‘take some chips off the table” and bring in an equity partner.

We help our clients model their current business success against their future business needs to establish an accurate valuation, then determine the best capital source that will also be the best business partner for the future.

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