Strategic Consulting

Our consulting is focused squarely on the business you want to build and the exit you want to create.

We work with you to determine “your number and your timeframe” then together we build the model to get you there based on reasonable assumptions and executable objectives. Depending on your scenario, this could be as little as a 4-6 month engagement or as long as 24-36 months.

Value Creation

In order to create value, you have to know your numbers and know your drivers.

We take apart almost every facet of your business, then contrast that against quantifiable metrics and industry benchmarks. When it’s appropriate, we call in 3rd party professional resources to improve operational segments, legal structures, and accounting and tax considerations.

“Full-Day Deep Dive”

All of our consulting clients – and even quite a few who are not actively engaged in ongoing consulting – come to Charlotte, NC for an 8-hour block in our offices.

This is a very intense day that requires a lot of preparation from both sides ahead of time. We help our clients take apart their businesses and focus on the areas of needed improvement and greatest potential.

Regardless of whether you’re engaged in ongoing consulting or if you’re just in need of a deep business review to set the table, this will be one of the most challenging, exhausting, fulfilling and fun days you can spend working on your business.

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“It was awesome – one of the most fun days of my business career and incredibly fruitful. I look forward to continuing to work with you!”

Ryan Arnold, The Wisdom Teeth Guys

Hourly Consulting

We realize that building a DSO from scratch is a new experience for almost everyone.

Sometimes you’re just not sure where you stand or what you need, but you know you need to talk some things through with a trusted advisor.

We get it. We’re happy to jump on the phone with you or have our analysts review any financial or legal documentation for an hourly rate. Or you can buy a block of 10 hours at a discount.

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