Our Core Values

We have always focused on why we do what we do.

At TUSK, our values are at the center of WHO we are, WHAT we do, and WHY we do it.

Honest Empathy

We will always be honest, respectful, and empathetic. We take critical feedback, and we give critical feedback because we believe this is how businesses and people grow.

Servant Leadership

We will always be gracious, humble, and willing to help. We know that no business and no one is below us, and we truly enjoy helping others and giving value.

Take Responsibility

We will never make excuses and we will always own both our wins and our losses, learning from each. We believe in being responsible for yourself, the things you do, and the things you say.

Dogged Diligence

We value grit, perseverance, and overcoming any hurdles. We are relentless in our quest for solutions and results-oriented in our services. In short, we never quit.

Always Be All In

We are passionately committed to our craft, our industry, and your success. As in many lines of work, we believe that loving what you do makes you better at it – and we love the challenge!

Student + Teacher

We are always learning. And as forever learners, we look forward to sharing our ever-growing knowledge with our clients! Our team is never satisfied and always striving to improve.

Gain Knowledge.
Gain Direction.
Get Results.

We’re passionate about maximizing the value of our clients’ life’s work.

Your practice or group is worth more than you think! As your leading M&A Advisor with over five decades of experience, our proven process guarantees multiple offers at the highest prices.

Stay in control with our knowledge and experience backing you, and be prepared for anything during your practice or DSO’s sale. Meet our team, and experience the peace of mind that a TUSK partnership brings.


50+ Years of Dental
Industry Experience


150+ Dental Transactions


$750,000,000+ in
Dental Deals Closed


100% Of Specialties Covered


Years of Investment Banking, M&A, & Private Equity Experience