Selling Your DSO

Marketed Sales Process

Deep Industry Knowledge. Transaction Expertise.
Proven Track Record of Success.

Dollars in the Details

We know from our industry experience that the “BEST” deal for you will be determined by the details of the way the transaction is structured. We negotiate every point to achieve the best possible results in areas such as: cash-at-close; earn-out structure and timeframe; and equity roll options.


We analyze all financial and operational aspects of the business to determine an accurate valuation range based on Adjusted EBITDA and market comparables.


We meet with the Founders to learn the history of the business as well as what has created all of the successes to date, which will help us “tell the story” to the market.

Develop the Story

We build a detailed (30+ page) pitch book that comprehensively tells the story of your business, how we arrived at the sale number and valuation, and what the upside potential might be for the acquirer.

Marketed Sales Process

We send out a one-page snapshot of the business to over 100 financial and strategic buyers in the industry to solicit interest, then have the qualified buyers execute non-disclosure agreements (“NDAs”) to learn the details in the pitch book.

Due Diligence

We receive Letters of Intent (“LOIs”) from qualified buyers, then assist them through their due diligence process.


We obtain Term Sheets from interested buyers and negotiate the details of the structure of the transaction for our seller.

You’ve built a successful business. Now it’s time to reap the rewards of your life’s work.

Plan Your Exit Strategy & Discuss Your Options

Reap the rewards of your life’s work.