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A wealth of information borne out of our experience running multi-million dollar businesses and working with other successful dental entrepreneurs.

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"TUSK Partners is the best resource in the DSO space. Whether you're looking to grow, sell acquire, or value a dental group, TUSK is top-notch."

Vincent Monticciolo,DDS,MBA,JDDSO Advisors

"Very clear and quick to the point without the ads or fluff or other dental podcasts. I can get all of the important info in under 30 minutes."

Alex MohebanGreat Dental Business Podcast

"Working with DSO's every day, I appreciate TUSK Partners podcast for their valuable, actionable, and real observations/recommendations they share. This is high quality, relevant, and helpful for every DSO interested in quality practice management. Thank you for contributing to help dentists/owners/management become stronger and more successful!"

Jill N.Excellent content for the DSO world!

"TUSK team! A huge thank you for compiling and presenting this fantastic and extremely relevant information. I'm grateful for your willingness to share your insights through this format. Keep up the great work."

Jeff G.Best in show!

"Thank you TUSK team. Informative and succinct while remaining personal. Looking forward to the next episode."

DoublaKolbKeep them coming!