The TUSK Proven Process

Listening. Educating. Analyzing. Marketing. Maximizing.

We Have Perfected Our Process to…

Explain the
What & the Why

While working with TUSK, it will become clear why we do what we do. Maximizing the value of your life’s work and ensuring a successful exit is our upmost priority.

Offer Direct &
Honest Facts

Unlike most broker’s, we’ll deliver brutally honest facts around your transaction and overall valuation. We want you to understand the marketplace and every aspect of the process.

Listen First,
& Educate Second

You tell us what you want out of your transaction, and we’ll show you how to get there.

Simplify the Complex

There are a multitude of complex matters surrounding a transaction, and our job is to simplify the complex, explaining everything in a clear and concise manner.

Connect & Innovate

With access to hundreds of Buyers nationwide, we’ll connect you to those who can provide you what you want in a transaction.

Be Solutions-Oriented

Our work is reflected in our results. We provide a full commitment to your business every step of the way.

Feb 2004

TUSK’s 5-Step Proven Process

TUSK Partners is passionate about supporting large and group practices owners in the sale of their life’s work. We maximize the value of your large practice or DSO while finding the best partner for the future of your business.

Aug 2005


Discovery helps us to deeply understand your journey with a 60-minute call. By discussing your future, your goals, and your 5-year vision we craft a clear path with you to get there. This initial meeting helps us to understand your needs and determine if we are a good fit.

Within a week, our Education materials will be sent and we will proceed to step two.

0202Jun 2008


During this 2-4 week phase, we educate you on the value of your business, the wide array of buyers in the market, potential deal structures you may see, industry information on private equity interests, and unsolicited offers. We then go over our value propositions, fees, and references. All of this education ensures that you can make well-informed decisions regarding the sale of your life’s work.

Next, we will send the engagement agreement and offer education/EA walkthrough materials.

Nov 2010


In this phase you will meet your Deal Team (M&A Advisor and Analytics Team) and we will dive into your analytics diligence list review. Your valuation is driven by your Adjusted EBITDA, and our team will gather all of your financial and operational data. We study the trends, calculate your Adjusted EBITDA and craft your story for the market. Our data and diligence ensures that your analysis is right – every time.

By the end of this phase, your marketing materials and VDR will be delivered as we move into Marketing and Negotiation.


Marketing & Negotiation

TUSK crafts your unique story in a way that proves irresistible to buyers. We gather buyside leads and your M&A Advisor presents opportunities through Tear Sheets, NDAs, VDRs, CIMs, and direct calls. We run a swift and efficient sell-side process that drives a competitive bidding environment. We pit the buyers against one another to maximize your value and negotiate every aspect of your deal to your benefit.

As your M&A Advisor fields calls and receives offers, we model out each offer for your review until executing your chosen LOI.



It is not over until the ink is dry and there are 100 points to negotiate between a Letter of Intent and having the wires hit your bank account. From defending your EBITDA (and value) through the Quality of Earnings process to helping you navigate stacks of legal documents; TUSK is with you every step of the way. We simplify the complex and ensure you understand every aspect of your deal.

Trust in TUSK’s History & Experience


50+ Years of Dental
Industry Experience


150+ Dental Transactions


$750,000,000+ in
Dental Deals Closed


100% Of Specialties Covered


Years of Investment Banking, M&A, & Private Equity Experience