TUSK Partners Advises Gendus Dental Partners in their Sale to Guardian Dentistry Partners

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TUSK Partners (“TUSK”), the premier dental-focused M&A Advisor,  advised Gendus Dental Partners in their sale to Guardian Dentistry  Partners, a large and growing family-fund backed Dental Partnership  Network (“DPN”). The transaction was led by Kevin Cumbus,  President of TUSK Partners. Alex Cherniavsky, and George May,  spearheaded the diligence and analytics efforts for TUSK.

Gendus Dental Partners was Founded in 2015 with a vision of  creating a business that would change as little as possible about successful practices and make them even better. Doctors Art  Steineker, Bubba Waters, Darren Dillion, and David Lieux came together and forged an evolutionary group practice model that has provided top-level dental care to the greater Alabama area. With 7 locations spanning from the  Florida Panhandle to Montgomery and Birmingham, Alabama, Gendus Dental Partners is the  largest non-private equity-backed DSO in the state of Alabama.

Dr. Bubba Waters, Co-Founder of Gendus Dental Partners, commented, “We engaged TUSK  Partners because of their experience and background in the dental industry- specifically  mergers and acquisitions. Their team has an impressive track record in the representation of large and group practice owners across the U.S. The TUSK team provided a full commitment to  our team, delivered a full Rolodex of highly attractive buyers, and managed a competitive sales  process, all of which resulted in selecting a strong-fit partner and receiving an outstanding  outcome for the shareholders of our business.” Dr. Waters added, “The team at TUSK are all  pro’s. We had worked with another M&A advisor a couple of years back to help find a partner,  but that work resulted in a much lower valuation and ultimately a failed process. Not only did  TUSK get the job done, they were able to increase our value by over 40% from the previous  offer we had on the table. We are so thankful for their them and their efforts as it resulted in a  pertfect partnership with Guardian Dentistry Partners.” 

Kevin Cumbus, Founder and President of TUSK Partners added, “We could not be happier with  the new partnership between Gendus and Guardian Dentistry Partners. Their expertise and  commitment to their vision, community, patients, partners, and clinicians drove success  throughout the organization. We believe that Guardian is the perfect fit on every level to echo  Gendus’s success, and we believe this new partnership will allow Gendus Dental Partners to  accelerate its growth and value creation in the future.” Kevin continues, “This transaction was  personal for me as I grew up in Montgomery, AL and have known the founders of this business  for many years and was actually a patient of Dr. Art Steniker’s. These guys at Gendus are all  special. They care so much for their patients, team and dentists and it was an honor to serve  them in this capacity.”

Mark Censoprano, President of Guardian Dentistry Partners, commented “Gendus Dental  Partners has built an outstanding foundation of talent and operational excellence.” Danny  Kawas, Guardian’s Managing Partner, added “We developed a robust and collaborative  relationship with their leadership team, allowing us to articulate and support Gendus’s vision  for future growth. We could not be more pleased with our new partnership and experience  working with TUSK.”

About Gendus Dental Partners: Gendus was founded in 2015 by four dentists with a desire to  make a difference. Their vision was to create a company that could change as little as possible  and make successful practices even better. Today they have grown to 7 locations across  Alabama and Florida. By providing dentists with both the support and the clinical autonomy  they need to succeed, Gendus enables its partners to focus their attention on providing the  best dental health services possible and enhance the quality of their dentists, staff, and most  importantly, their patients. For more information, visit http://gendusdentalpartners.net.

About Guardian Dentistry Partners: Founded by a group of passionate dentists and a  family office, Guardian Dentistry Partners is a premier Dental Partnership Network  dedicated to providing world-class support services and growth opportunities for its  network of dentist partners. Founded in 2018, Guardian has expanded rapidly and now  supports dental entrepreneurs in Alabama, Florida, Michigan, New Jersey, New York,  North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia. Guardian’s mission is  to help its dental partners and teams build the practices of their dreams. For more  information, visit https://www.guardiandentistry.com.

About TUSK Partners: TUSK Partners (“TUSK”) provides M&A Advisory services in the  dental industry. TUSK has completed over $650M of transactions across all  specialties. With an in-depth understanding of the marketplace and access to 100’s of  buyers nationwide, we help our clients confidently pursue M&A transactions that  maximize their long-term value. With our significant collective experience of over 40+  years of dental practice transactions, we offer our clients solutions that help them  achieve their strategic and financial objectives. For more information, visit https://tusk partners.com.